Nino Naneishvili’s workshops in Belgium

28 Dec 2019 Nino Naneishvili's workshops in Belgium


Time : 10:00
Contact Email :

Come and learn about these bevelling polyphonies that are so close and so different.
Georgian polyphonic singing is a masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
The internship is given by Nino Naneishvilli, a qualified ethnomusicologist and founder of the Georgian group Ialoni.

Learning by ear but familiarization with polyphonic singing is desired. Limited-sized group in an intimate setting. The workshop is in English with translation in French if necessary.

Schedule: Saturday 28/12 10am – 6.30pm
Sunday 29/12 10am – 5.30pm

Formula Pique-Nique Spanish hostel for lunch.

If interested, contact Pierre Carlier in a private message:
$32,470 47 22 78
or via facebook

PAF: 60 to be paid into the account BE46 3100 7466 5636
Communication: Georgian Chant – Name

Here are some links:

An example of Georgian polyphonic singing