❤️სიხარულით ვულოცავთ ჩვენს მეგობარ ანსამბლს ,,ჩელას” და ,,ბუსკას” – კემბრიჯიდან ახალი CD ალბომის გამოცემას!
Congratulations to you our friends, Ensembles “Chela” and “Buska” For your new released CD album.
We love you so much and wish you all the best!
We are proud that Ensembles Chela & Buska sing Georgian songs almost 20 years.☀️

Workshops starts on 3 pm Georgian time. Duration 2 hours

7-8 November: kakhetian folk music

14-15 November: Tushetian music with local performers

21-22 November: Imeretian music from archive recordings

28-29 November: Lechkhumian and Svanian music

For registration and details please contact: Ninonaneishvili@gmail.com