Nino Naneishvili’s Spring Singing Tour

27 Apr 2019 Nino Naneishvili's Spring Tour With Ialoni Members


Discover national music and culture of Georgia together

with Nino Naneishvili and members of enseble “Ialoni”


27 April-6 May, 2019



Two different regions of Georgia, different landscapes and culture, different food and traditional songs. All together we can dive and discover and participate in the locals’ life during our journey.


Within the tour, our offer includes the trip with the girls’ ensemble “Ialoni” and their leader, Nino Naneishvili to the capital of Georgia city Tbilisi and two miracule region West of Georgia –  Samegrelo and Svaneti. During 10 days, you will get acquainted with the samples of the Georgian traditional music. You will be acquainted with local ethnophores, their everyday lives, their music, dances, rituals. You shall visit senior performers from these  regions, the standing out singers, folk poets, dancers. Together with your hosts and hostesses, you will learn to prepare the local traditional dishes, you shall be able to feel the bliss of the mornings as well as that of the presence of “Ialoni”. Have you ever dreamed to wake up with the beautiful Georgian songs? Here where your dream will come true!



27 April – 6 May, 2019. Tbilisi


Day 1. 27  April

Happy meeting all of us together in the beautiful capital Tbilisi

Rest in the guest houses

Dinner  in the traditional restaurant with the beautiful songs, what could be better to start the real journey into culture and music of Georgia!

Masterclass with Nino Naneishvili and Ialoni members


Day 2.  28 April

In Christian religions it’s a day of the Easter. Our guests can join us to a ritual of the Eastern Liturgy with Easter songs (it starts in the midnight)

Old Tbilisi tour; Botanical Garden & Religious diversity places

Masterclass with Nino Naneishvili and Ialoni members

Free time.


Day  3. 29 April

Travell to Samegrelo. It’s located 5-6 hours drive from Tbilisi

Arrival to Senaki we will have a Megrelian dinner and meeting a famous women Ensemble Kolkhuri Trio

Masterclass with local performer Darejan Pachulia

Checking in guest houses  to the village Ledzazame



 Day 4.  30 April

Masterclass with Nino Naneishvili and Ialoni members

Masterclass with locals to make a traditionl food – Megrelian khachapuri


Day  5. 1 May

We will start our morning to visit historical village and place Archaeopolis ,,Nokalakevi” and ,,Dedamoka”

After walking we will have singing class in this nature area


Day  6. 2 May

Visit Martvili Canion waterfalls; Palace of the Dadiani

Master class


Day  7. 3 May

Travell to Svaneti, Mestia – Miracule mountin place in west Georgia

Checking in guest houses  in the village Lenjeri

Checking in guest houses

Visit to History and Ethnographic Museum of Mestia


Day  8. 4 May

Masterclass with Vakho Filfani

Meeting with Ensemble Riho

Free time



Day  9. 5 May

Travel to Village Lakhushdi

Masterclass with local performer Ana Chamgeliani and with local oldest performer Murad Pirtskhelani.

Masterclass to make a traditionl food – Kubdari


Day  10. 6 May

Departure to Tbilisi.


Travelling back to Tbilisi (or kutaisi).

Seeing of the visitors to the airport. .

The price of the whole tour amounts to 1000 $. This price includes transportation of the visitors from the Tbilisi International Airport. At the arrival and back to the airport for the time of departure. Transportation to the regions; three-time meals; Accommodation; Masterclasses; price of the museum tickets.

Our humble request is to deposit 20% of the amount – 200 $ in advance at the indicated account until 10th March on the account GE75TB7628345063600012.

For the detailed information, please contact me at the e-mail:

The new  capital of the Georgia, regions of the West of Georgia represent those exotic place which still preserve ancient culture musical, folklore, ethnographic “antiquities.” The villages still keep the mystic myths, legends, rituals, songs or dances.

During out visit to each spot, we shall learn several polyphonic songs characteristic for that region. We shall frequent ethnographic museums, old Churches.

All the participants of the tour will learn and prepare the Georgian traditional dishes themselves, degustate Georgian wine!

In addition, above all, you will become the part of historical expeditions, owing to which we shall listen to, record and directly learn songs or dances from rare, senior performers.




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