Musical-cultural tour together with Ialoni!

25 Aug 2017 Musical-cultural tour with Ialoni!


Time : 09:00

Within the tour, our offer includes the trip with the girls’ ensemble “Ialoni” and their leader, Nino Naneishvili to the mountainous region of the West of Georgia – Adjara. During 4 days, you will get acquainted with the samples of the Georgian traditional music. You will be acquainted with local ethnophores, their everyday lives, their music, dances, rituals. You shall visit senior performers from these mountainous region, the standing out singers, folk poets dancers. Together with your hosts and hostesses, you will learn to prepare the local traditional dishes, you shall be able to feel the bliss of the mornings in mountains as well as that of the presence of “Ialoni”.

Departure to Adjara.
Batumi – 25th August
Sightseeing in this Black seaside town. Accommodation in the hotel in Sarfi.
Masterclass with Nino Naneishvili and Enseble ,,Ialoni” membres in the beach.
Mountainous Adjara – mountains of the West of Georgia. 3 days.
26-28 August

26th August
Accommodation in Shuakhevi. Masterclass of the song – Rehearsal with Women Ensemble ,,Nai”.

27th August
A visit to the villages of the Chvana valley in Shuakhevi region. A visit to the ethnographical museum. Meeting with the senior singer and dances grandmas and grandpas.

28th August
Visit to the Public holiday of ,,Jvari Mindoroba”. Attend to the concert.
Masterclass of preparation of a traditional dish, “Kaimaghi”.
Masterclass with ,,Ialoni”.

29th August
Travelling back to Tbilisi.
The price of the tour amounts to 330 $. This price includes transportation of the visitors from the Tbilisi (25th August) and back (29th August).
Transportation to all the villages; three-time meals; price of the museum tickets. Price of the accommodation.
For the detailed information, please contact me at the e-mail:
The mountains of the West Georgia represent those exotic places which still preserve ancient musical, folklore, ethnographic “antiquities.” The mountains still keep the mystic myths, legends, rituals, songs or dances.
During out visit to each spot, we shall learn several polyphonic songs characteristic for that region.
All the participants of the tour will learn and prepare the Georgian traditional dishes themselves!
In addition, above all, you will become the part of historical expeditions, owing to which we shall listen to, record and directly learn songs or dances from rare, senior performers.



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