Intro to Georgian Traditional Music

27 Oct 2018 Intro to Georgian Traditional Music


Time : 19:00

Georgian polyphonic singing is a world cultural gem. Nino Naneishvili, Founder & Artistic Director of Ialoni Women’s Ensemble, will present an introduction to this unique art, along with a demonstration of works with a selection of ensemble members.

Admission: 10 GEL, discounts available.

About Khidi Tbilisi:
Khidi (xidi, ხიდი) means ‘bridge’ in Georgian. Tbilisi has served as a bridge, a meeting point and mixing board of people, ideas, culture, arts, and trade for centuries.
Khidi Tbilisi continues that tradition by bridging the imagined distances between people, cultures, disciplines, and ideas.
We strive to bring artists and ‘ashiqs’, academics and entrepreneurs, lovers of language, music, dance, fashion, culture and arts of all kinds, together to meet and learn from each other.
Bridging tech and arts, culture and business, to expand horizons and break boundaries.
Everyone is welcome, from all cultures. The only requirements are: creativity, passion, and a mind open to ideas.
We have started our introductory talk series and invite you to join!

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